w/ #LZSB  & Operatie Kwartier

Live audioguide & djset to guide citizens through the city and activate it with micro-parties
Open Monumentendag

w/ Waregem, Harelbeke, Zweveghem, Menen, Kortrjijk Municipalities

Coordinated program on the eilands of Kortrijk
The Edible City, Foraging Workshop

w/ Michele Gonzaga &  De Stuyverij

The edible city: bike tour and cooking workshop to learn how to collect and prepare foraged food.
Reading Performance

w/ Agnieszka Gratza

Two day Live reading of Dante open to the public. 
Open to the public! 
19.08.21 TO 12.09.21

We’re open to the public, pass by and enjoy the different modules we have prepared!
Workshop on Urban Farming

w/ stadsboerderij

Ideas for the past, present and future of urban farming.
Exhibition Space
19.08.21 TO 12.09.21

Our exhibition on the Eilands of Southwest Flanders is open, come and discover this gem of the territory!
Workshop on homelessness

w/ W13

Exploring the state of homelesness in Kortrijk, and the possibilities of vacant space.
Workshop with SWF heritage coordinators

w/ Waregem, Harelbeke, Zweveghem, Menen, Kortrjijk Municipalities

Coordinating a heritage project, and developping ideas for future endeavors!
Ladder expidition

w/ #LZSB  & Wilderbras

Build your own ladder, and explore the heights of the city!
Workshop on young entrepreneurship

w/ Elise D’haeseleer

Workshop on the methods and visions to support young enrepreneurship. 
Mapping workshops with kids

w/ Lucas Devolder

Series of workshops to initiate children to cartography. 
Series of interviews with
shop keepers

Series of interviews to further understand the state of local retail. 

Mapping Vacant Spaces

Mapping of Vacant spaces, and ideation on their future use.
Screening on the Leie

w/ #LZSB 

Screenings in vacant spaces.
Living waterscapes summer school
06.09.21 TO 10.09.21

w/ Bolwer and Hangar K 

Workshops with students on territorial questions, andthe place of Water in thriving city centers. 
Alles Stroomt

w/ elderscollectief

Learning From Inspiring local initiatives
Social Farming

Volunterring and workshops at Heerlijkheid van Heule

Drone & Balloon Mapping

w/ Guillaume Demeyere

Using photogrametry to document vacant spaces in the city center. 
The territorial-lab initiative is supported by the KI:SS project coordinated by the intercommunale Leiedal. Investigating the potentials of city centers as catalysts for economical challenges, it aims to stimulate entrepreuneurship and innovation to prepare future changes. The methodology implies to make meet local entrepreneurs expertise in experience with professional knowledge through future-oriented thinking, digitization and disruptive thinking with a necessary attention for long-term solutions. This communication reflects the views only of the authWith or, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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