LZSB, Wildebras
eiland collective
are presenting a collaborative maproom.

The aim is to invite Kortrijk’s inhabitants and visitors to interact with each other and the territory in some new and spontaneous ways.

The room will be periodically activated through public talks and workshops open to all ages. Different events will take you out of your routine to experience the territory through unexpected activities.

Back to the map room, these experiences on the field and the information extracted will feed the reflections to make Kortrijk’s spaces more accessible and enjoyable. In the short term and in the longer term, we hope to initiate concrete individual uses and larger territorial interventions.

“The modernist dream of a programmed
machine city must fade away and allow
for organic processes to emerge.”

The territorial-lab initiative is supported by the KI:SS project coordinated by the intercommunale Leiedal. Investigating the potentials of city centers as catalysts for economical challenges, it aims to stimulate entrepreuneurship and innovation to prepare future changes. The methodology implies to make meet local entrepreneurs expertise in experience with professional knowledge through future-oriented thinking, digitization and disruptive thinking with a necessary attention for long-term solutions. This communication reflects the views only of the authWith or, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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