New Visions of the Territory

By the Eiland Collective (2022): 
Jadd Hallaj
Elena Falomo
Emilie Froelich

The Territorial Lab is a month-long experiment in a vacant space in the city centre of Kortrijk.

Through collaborations with local stakeholders and citizens, it explores different practices that reflect complex and multilayered visions on the region.

From city centres to the countryside, our world is constantly changing. Different factors are transforming the way we inhabit our environments: the pandemic, the economy, climate change, ... New challenges require new answers, but most importantly, new approaches.

We use future thinking and creativity to tackle vacant property issues and make city centres business-friendly and attractive.

Join us on our journey!

For any question feel free to contact us via email

The territorial-lab initiative is supported by the KI:SS project coordinated by the intercommunale Leiedal. Investigating the potentials of city centers as catalysts for economical challenges, it aims to stimulate entrepreuneurship and innovation to prepare future changes. The methodology implies to make meet local entrepreneurs expertise in experience with professional knowledge through future-oriented thinking, digitization and disruptive thinking with a necessary attention for long-term solutions. This communication reflects the views only of the authWith or, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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